Monday, September 9, 2013


I have always thought we are all psychic or have the potential to be.   I don't have any lengthy studies, data obtained by questionnaires or any logic driven information to back up my theory.   But I assure you, I am certain that we all are psychic. 
My friends have two daughters, a twelve year old and the other is five or six.   During a visit to their home yesterday, as I sat in the living room, I became acutely aware that their youngest child "Sarah" is psychic.  Even though the child was not in the room with us, she was upstairs in her bedroom, my vision of "Sarah's" psychic connection was so intense that I was compelled to share this revelation with her parents.  Sure, everyone has the ability to be psychic.  But, "Sarah" is blessed with a gift.  She will not need guidance to learn to use her gift.   "Sarah" has a natural gift, one to be enjoyed and used to help others.   She does not question it.  She accepts it as part of her being.  It comes a naturally as breathing,  you don't need to think about it, you just do it. 

Later that same afternoon, I did a reading for a client that I have read for before.  In doing the reading, Spirit wanted me to tell my client that she already knew, prior to the reading, certain issues that came up during the reading.  She confirmed that Spirit was correct.  She had a "feeling" that what Spirit confirmed, was true.  
We all have this amazing gift.  We just need to be aware.  This awareness gives us the ability recognize the difference between just thinking or what we perceive to be a personal thought and an actual psychic message.  Psychic messages come to us in different manners.  Your Spirit Guides will share information with you in a manner that will not frighten or alarm you.  Your guides know how to communicate effectively and in a manner that is acceptable to you.  Awareness and acceptance is your first step to having the ability to communicate with your Spirit Guides. 

Sunday, June 23, 2013


As I spoke with a my friend today, she asked if I would speak with her daughter, Lejla.  After ending the phone call, I silently considered my conversation with Lejla.  We spoke of a chance meeting that has grown into a friendship for her Mom and I.  Not only has a friendship grown from a coincidence but our roles within this friendship have been defined. Other roles have evolved that are much more important.   Without realizing it, I have become my friend's teacher and she is my student. In contemplating this, I realized that Lejla was challenging me to take on another student.   

Spirit has taught me that in our lives there is more than just being on a moving path towards our own destiny.  On this path we will meet many others.  At each initial encounter our roles will be defined and we will become many things to many people.  We will be  significant others, friends, relatives, neighbors, moms, dads, children, well I guess the list could go on and on.  Each list will be different.  I guess I will add teacher to my list.  This is a role that I have done for many years without realizing it.  I never considered it.  I find that more and more it is being defined as my true role on my path. 
I try to teach or educate my clients of the many mysteries that Spirit teaches me. Within the past two weeks, I have been placed in the teacher role for not only my clients but also for my friends.  I recently had friends visit my home.   I was concerned they may not understand my gift.  They understood, embraced it and wanted instruction.   I take this responsibility seriously and look forward to being of help to not only my clients, but my friends as well.   Lejla, I gladly accept my role as your teacher.

Thursday, May 16, 2013


Funny thing about destiny, it brings a strange friend with it, called karma. They go hand and hand. Karma is  the culmination of one's actions in this and previous lives. On our path towards destiny we will resolve karma.   We must resolve our karma while our soul is in our earthly or physical body. 

 While we are on our true path, our lives march along at a smoother pace.    That is not to say that we will not have a certain amount of disappointment to experience.  The only requirement needed to suffer disappointment or loss, is that we have a physical body.  Within a split second of hitting that birth canal, Soul chooses a life.  That life contains our destiny.  This life has it's share of good, bad, happy and sad moments.  Soul is not given time to evaluate everything that belongs to the life that is picked.  Karma is part of the life Soul chooses for us.  We will not escape karma. We will learn lessons, we will fail our karmic test and have a do over.

A perfect example of karma is that you notice you are experiencing a problem with a co-worker.  This co-worker resigns or is transferred to another department or possibly you change companies for a better position.  Now with a new staff and or an entirely different company, a similar problem begins.  You begin to wonder, is it me?  Why is this happening?   Yes, it is you and you will continue to live this process of troubled co-workers until you learn your karmic lesson.  Not learning your lesson will require you to re-live over and over again the same issues.  Not with the with the same people, but the same issue. Instead of asking, why me? Ask, what is the lesson I need to learn?  Listen, wait and the answer will come. Once you learn that particular lesson, you are ready for the next lesson.  It is most important to learn the lesson prior to moving on.  In doing so, you will not be plagued by the same problem and you are ready to move forward towards your true destiny.  

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Meditation provides great benefits to everyone that practices regularly such as, a calm peaceful feeling, relieving stress, increased awareness and gratitude.   I love meditation; it intensifies a line of communication with Spirit.   Meditation improves my ability to hear Spirit and my clarity in spiritual vision.  I meditate daily for this reason.  In all fairness I have received significant benefits from meditation in addition to Spirit communication.   Meditation can be as simple or as complex as you make it.  Initially, you may want to schedule time for meditation as it is important to dedicate time for you.    

You will need to find a quiet area that affords you comfortable seating.   Turn off all technology to avoid being disturbed.   Choose a chair or couch that you can comfortably sit on with your feet on the floor. 

Step One:  Close your eyes.  Take seven deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth.  Utilize slow steady breathing. Focus only on your breath.  If your mind starts to wander bring its attention back to your breathing. 

Step Two:  Keeping your eyes closed; envision a white light illuminating the sky.   Visualize your light.  Is it soft or bright?  Receive this light from God or the Universe.  Visualize your light as it descends from the sky entering the top of your head (your crown chakra).  Imagine the light warming you, watch it slowly spill into your body filling you with love.  View the light as it runs onto the floor and down into the ground below your feet.  Fill the Earth with your loving white light watching as it enters the ground and flows down into Earth. 

Step Three:  From the ground beneath you, imagine a different colored light (avoid black). Run your Earth color up through your feet into your body, filling it with your color.  Feel your Earth color as it soothes your body.  View your Earth color as it exits your crown chakra and meets the sky.   Fill the sky with your Earth color.  Simultaneously run your white light down into the ground and your Earth light up to the heavens through your body.

Step Four:  Visualize a cord.  Give it a color.  This is your grounding cord.  Attach it to your belly button and run it down into the middle of the Earth.  Through this cord you will release all anger, fear or resentment. You will want to eliminate toxic people and situations through your grounding cord. Visualize these problematic people, situations and feelings as you send them out your grounding cord into the middle of the Earth.  Repeat this with any feelings or people that may be blocking your ability to be completely at peace.  

Step Five:  Remove the cord; drop it into the Earth, taking with it all residual misfortune.  Thank the Earth for assisting in your cleansing.  Thank your white light and your Earth color in illuminating your life.  Slowly begin to acknowledge your body, starting at your feet, then your legs, body, arms, head and surroundings.  Open your eyes.  Look around.  You’re safe and sound and on your way to your path to your personal destiny.

Sunday, August 12, 2012


Meditation manifests a link between the conscious mind and spiritual soul. When done correctly, meditation creates a calm and peaceful presence in our lives.  Initially, my thought was to blog about the importance of meditation and how it assists in aligning you with your destiny.  Sounds simple, or so I thought. 

In mentioning meditation to my clients, friends and neighbor, I got the “deer in the headlights” look and heard the “I have to learn to quiet my mind first” comment.   Their apprehension which was blatantly apparent mystified me. Enter my super heroes, my spirit guides and sure enough, an epiphany during meditation.   Please “turn off the chachara” (mind chatter).  

Mind chatter is a constant play by play regurgitation of past events and their outcome.  These events range from conversations, arguments, disappointments to personal loss.   Mind chatter affords us the ability to produce a variation of the outcome of the original conversation, argumentor situation.  Anxiety of the future also plays a role in mind chatter,as to
how an impending situation will play out.  Mind chatter serves no purpose
other than to build anger, worry and resentment.   Sound familiar? 

If you suffer the turbulent backlash of mind chatter, know there is a remedy.   The way to correct this disruptive behavior is through meditation, with an exorcism.   Hold on; don’t run wildly through your house searching for holy water.  That is not the type of expulsion I am referring to. 

What I am talking about is clearing our minds and purposely releasing mind chatter.  If we embrace meditation as a means to simplifying our lives, we will experience a healing.  Doing a “simple” three step meditation practice (next blog) that eradicates mind chatter is paramount to happiness.  That is not to say that you will rid yourself of the memory completely, but the way you view it will change.  The advantage is that you will feel the change almost immediately. I know this because I suffered from constant mind chatter, which I have now eliminated.  I accomplished that through meditation.  The transformation is incredible.   Please trust me when I say, meditate, meditate, meditate as it will provide healing and growth.    Meditation will grant you freedom from exhaustive mind chatter.  Meditation will graciously give you the gift of peace of mind and soul which is a necessity to obtain your destiny. 

Friday, August 3, 2012



Whether we talk about Albert Einstein, Dr. Balogun (university professor), my Compadre or movie character Nicolas Sparks, we find they have a specific common factor that they agree upon.  What is it that they are in agreement with?  Destiny exists!

“Everything is determined, the beginning as well as the end, by forces over which we have no control.  It is determined for the insect, as well as for the stars, human beings, vegetables, or cosmic dust, we all dance to a mysterious tune, intoned in the distance by an invisible piper.” Albert Einstein

“Destiny or predestination is the belief that every person has his biography written before coming to the world which consequently implies that anything one does is not something done out of free will but something done in fulfillment of preordained history.” Dr. Balogun indicates that at the “moment of birth one makes an unconscious choice of destiny.”   “With birth our memories of that choice are “erased” thus making it possible for a person to embark on a project which his Ori did not choose, that is, for which he is not predestined.  Failure is the result of such efforts.” This a study thesis on Ori (soul/personal spirit) that was published in the Nordic Journal of African Studies, by Dr. Oladele Balogun, Olabisi Onabanjo University, Nigeria.   

“Ori (soul/head) chooses a destiny within a split second prior to birth.   This choice is quickly forgotten, thus creating the need to seek out our destiny, in order to live an existence of good blessings.”   My cherished Compadre, Ifa Priest Ojuani Pokon.

“There are winds of destiny that blow when we least expect them.  Sometimes they gust with the fury of a hurricane; sometimes they barely fan one’s cheek. But the winds cannot be denied, bringing as they often do a future that is impossible to ignore.” Nicolas Sparks, from the movie, Message in a Bottle

The thing is that we may not know what our destiny is nor may we recognize destiny when we are in its midst.  This is what makes it so difficult to determine what we should be doing to align with and follow our personal path.   One thing is certain, if we are not in alignment and we do not pay attention to the road signs we will soon begin to experience loss, tragedy and suffer a variety of other disappointments.  This by the way, is how we know we are off track, at which point we begin to re-align with our destiny.  Alignment is sacred and vital to one’s peace of mind and happiness.  You are entitled to live a peaceful life and be happy and believe it or not you will align and find your destiny!!!

Thursday, July 26, 2012


As the years passed, I became involved in typical teenage issues.   I maintained my Christian upbringing, taking a “sabbatical” from my spirit playmates.  I became a member at University Baptist Church, “accepted Jesus” and was baptized.  Thank you, Pastor Yeary.   I lead a Christian existence.   But, I was always drawn back to the mystical side of life.  There was a strong connection that was undeniable.   I felt a curiosity that bound me to what most would describe as a belief system that lives on the outskirts of acceptable society.  For me, it was as natural as breathing.

I worked for a hospital for years.  During a conversation with a VP, I mentioned that “I had a purpose and was here for a special reason.”  There is no doubt in my mind that he thought I was senseless.   It didn’t matter; I knew in my heart that theory was correct. 

As a Christian, I felt compelled to steer away from my profound spiritual beliefs.  My destiny called to me.  It attracted me back to a place of comfort, providing a sense of belonging, a feeling of familiarity where immediately, my soul felt vindicated.  For the first time, I knew I was heading in the proper direction.
For some, Destiny is a given.  It is just that simple.  These folks are recognized for their cheerful nature, charisma, ambition, enthusiasm and likability; the list could go on and on.  They are on-track from an early age.  They are in the right place at the right time, never missing a beat, making correct decisions assuring a smooth journey.  The on-tracks are admired for their “luck” and how easily they connect the dots.   We share some of the same distinctive personality traits as the on-tracks, but somehow we are on the wrong path.  At times it may seem we are running around in the jungle nude and on fire and there is no path to be found.

For most us destiny and purpose are elusive.  We question, search and pray to find destiny.  We aspire to live on purpose.  At times we are not sure what our purpose is, let alone find our destiny, thus complicating things even more. 

On-tracks live on purpose and have old souls that have evolved or reincarnated several times.  They left behind the need for a practice run.  Make no mistakes, on-tracks listen to divine guidance and follow direction. 

My compass was broken.  Purpose escaped me.  Destiny battered my sails.  My spirit guides spoke to me repeatedly trying to get my attention.  They yelled, danced, jumped up and down.  Somewhere between the dancing, yelling and jumping, I slid head first into a huge disaster.  They now have my full undivided attention!  Believe me, it is less painful and much more pleasant, if we quietly listen as our spirit guides teach us.  As simple as that sounds, sometimes we just miss the message.  If we listen, spirit will provide divine intervention and place us on the path to our own personal destiny.